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Compared to other children of the same age, to what extent is/does your child:

Question no. Question Strongly Disagree Disagree Agree Strongly Agree
1 Able to learn quickly
2 Have a rich vocabulary
3 Have an excellent memory
4 Have a long attention span
5 An early or avid reader
6 Perseverant when interested
7 Have a wide range of interests
8 Good at puzzles
9 Reason well (good thinker)
10 Show ability with numbers
11 Show compassion
12 A perfectionist
13 Intense
14 Morally sensitive
15 Have strong curiosity
16 Emotionally sensitive (feelings hurt easily)
17 Have a high level of energy
18 Prefer older companions/adults
19 Have a quirky or grown-up sense of humour
20 Concerned with justice and fairness
21 Tend to question authority
22 Have judgment mature for age at times
23 Highly creative
24 A keen observer
25 Have a vivid imagination