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If you’re anything like us, you probably can’t be bothered learning the rules to anything. The minute we get our mitts on a new plaything we just want to start playing. Modern living makes you impatient. And let’s face it, rules are boring. Like the saying goes: ‘Any fool can make a rule’.

This is particularly true of card games. We’re usually asleep by the time the explanation is over. Suggest a game that people are unfamiliar with and the normal response is a harrumph, followed by ‘but I don’t know how to play that one!’ Maybe that’s why Fluxx has drawn us so quickly and completely into its anarchic clutches.

This truly original card game (for 2-6 players) starts with just one instruction: draw one card, play one card. From there on, the rules and goals of the game constantly change as you play new cards. There are four types of card in Fluxx: Keepers, Goals, New Rules and Actions.

We hate to state the obvious but we will anyway: Keepers must be kept for later use, Goal cards change the goal/whimsical objective of the game, New Rules cards change or add to the rules, and Action Cards allow players to… hang on, do we really need to go on? It’s flippin’ obvious what the cards do, isn’t it? And that’s exactly what makes playing Fluxx such a pleasure. It’s fast-paced, fun and totally unpredictable. It’s also a game that has to be played to be appreciated – words can’t do it justice.

The simple, quirky and, above all, random nature of Fluxx make it incredibly playable, and it has that all-important one-more-go-factor in spades. If you can play Snap you can play Fluxx. If you can’t, may we suggest you step away from the computer – yes it is a computer, not a futuristic microwave – and return that dunce cap to your head. Dimbos aren’t permitted here. And that is a rule!

We are working in conjunction with Amazon and you will be redirected to their website to order this item.


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