Our Partners

Sponsor Partners

Our sponsor partners enable Potential Plus UK to offer direct help and guidance to the children and families we support; they allow us to extend our reach into the schools we work with and provide the financial support the charity needs to operate.  Key to this capability is our Scholarship Fund that helps children from low income and disadvantaged backgrounds gain the help they need without the worry of additional financial strain, and without which the charity’s ability to help children from all backgrounds would be severely limited.

Here are some of our sponsor partners:

Lottery Community Fund Logo

Service Partners

Our service partners allow us to provide follow-on or specialist services and assistance for children and young adults that for many reasons may need help in areas that fall outside the remit of Potential Plus UK.  Without these service partners it is likely that a number of young people would find the additional difficulties they are encountering so great that they may fall out of our ability to support them in their high learning potential. Through our service partners we are able to signpost to enhanced levels of support to ensure we continue to help as many children as possible.

Here are some of our service partners:

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Affinity Partners

Our affinity partners allow Potential Plus UK to form relationships with organisations that share common interests and aims. Whilst affinity partners may not contribute directly to the charity in terms of financial or service support they can provide a wealth of  experiences and word of mouth advertising to highlight the work of the charity; all of which can be immensely beneficial to expanding the reach of Potential Plus UK, enabling us to help as many children as need us.

Here are some of our affinity partners:

Secondary Schools Site

Primary Schools Site

Become a Member

Families benefit from access to our advice line, the Members’ Area, our electronic resources, discounted events and our Focus newsletter.

Schools benefit from access to our advice line, online resources, members area, newsletter, workshops, webinars-on-demand, and associate family membership for their parents.