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This online course consists of 4 sessions: 2-3pm daily on 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th April 2021.

£49.99 for the full course (£41.66 + VAT). Please note this course requires a minimum number of bookings in order to run.

Age recommendation: 7-11 year olds.

Scaling the Solar System: Our place in the universe is difficult to comprehend so we’ll spend this series of sessions bringing it down to size! Combining mathematical skills with astronomy concepts, this course will include suggested things to do in between the sessions and after the end of the course!

Session 1: The Moon and the Earth

The Moon is our closest neighbour, but just how close is it?
Session 2: Scaling the Solar System: How Big?
You’ve probably seen photographs of all of the planets in our solar system (and the Sun), but it’s not always obvious from these how different they are in terms of size. Time to put this right.
Session 3: Kepler’s Laws
Back in the early 1600s a German Mathematician and Astronomer made some discoveries which changed our understanding of the scale of our solar system forever.
Session 4: Scaling the Solar System: How Far?
We’ve already compared the sizes of objects in the solar system, now with the help of Kepler’s laws from last week we’ll work out just how big the solar system is, and how much space everything has to itself.