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FOR MORE INFORMATION/TO BOOK PLEAE EMAIL: surrey@potentialplusuk.org

Open to all 8 – 12 year-olds with an interest and facility in maths.

A chance to sit around a table with Dr Ramesh Kapadia to talk divisibility, primes, composites, factors and many curiosities of number theory. The aim is to hone your skills, solve problems with elegance, with a sense check, and where possible without a calculator.

Cost: £10 which can be paid on the day of the event.

Venue: 18 Parkfields, Putney, SW15 6NH.

Layout of the day (free parking and parents are welcome to stay):

10.00  Drop-off and Registration

10.15  Class

11.00  Free play with chess, board games and a patch of grass

11.30  Class

12.15  Lunch (bring your own)

13.00  Collection