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A branch of mathematical analysis developed to study DECISION MAKING in conflict situations. Can you think of some real-life conflict situations?  The foundations of Game Theory as it is known today were laid by Jon Von Neumann in the early 1900s. The film “The Beautiful Mind” staring Russell Crowe is about John Nash who won the Nobel Prize for economics for his work on Game Theory.
In this masterclass we are going to look at the mathematics behind two-person games and the strategies you can use to maximise the outcomes from these games, or sometimes just minimise your losses. We will also consider how Game Theory might be used to make decisions in real life.  Sandra Wharton MSc. BSc. C.Math.MIMA, who brought us the mathematics of Alice in Wonderland, returns.

Surrey Explorers talks are interactive; there will be problems to solve, and all your questions will be answered. Open to bright and motivated 8 – 12 year olds.

Zoom sessions are free, suggested £5 donation.