The Romanian Master of Mathematics Competition 2019 by Tommy Walker Mackay (Aged 16)

In February 2019 I represented the UK at the Romanian Master of Mathematics (RMM), an international competition held annually in Bucharest, Romania. In this report I [...]

Football’s Legal Dilemma: The Emiliano Sala Case – by Benjamin S. (Aged 10)

On the 21st January 2019, a footballer who cost Cardiff City, a team in the Premier League, £15 million, tragically died in a plane crash over [...]

Badger and the Great Glasses Vault – by Luca W. (Aged 11)

Introduction Hi, my stories are based on a wood with woodland creatures living in it but no ordinary animals here, as you will soon find [...]

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Review of The Hound of The Baskervilles by Adam R.H. (Aged 9)

A play by Steven Canny and John Nicholson for the Peepolykus, by Bersted Arts The Alexandra Theatre in Bognor Regis, West Sussex, Saturday 9 February 2019 [...]

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How to Stand Up to Your Head Teacher by Lola P. (Aged 6)

Do you think that your school has got their discipline right? Lola, aged 6, reflects on the "Triple Rs" in her school. At school they have [...]

The Globe Theatre by Benjamin S. (aged 10)

In January 2019, I started the year off with some history by visiting "The Globe", a reconstruction of Shakespeare’s theatre! It is on the [...]

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Kindness is Contagious – Pass it On!

From the Archive This article was originally issued in the Winter 2017 edition of the Ignis e-zine for ages 12-18 Orly Wahba is the founder of [...]

Summer Reading Challenge 2018 – The Reviews

In the Summer Reading Challenge 2018 we asked our members to read and review a minimum of five books that they chose as a challenge to [...]

Making YouTube Videos by Daniel Dipper (aged 14)

From the Archive This article by Young Reporter, Daniel Dipper was originally published in the Summer 2017 edition of the Potential Plus UK ezine Ignis Online [...]

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