The fourth challenge from our 50 Challenges for 50 Years Anniversary Challenge Book has two parts. We hope you have fun tackling it this weekend! It comes from Dr Jonathan Hare, a physicist, science communicator and television presenter. He works as a visiting lecturer on science communication with The Creative Science Centre at the University of Sussex. His many television appearances include Rough Science, Hollywood Science, Coast and Horizon.


Challenge 4: The Importance of Being Bright!

Light can travel through the vacuum of space – did you know that?! It might not seem very important at first but Dr Jonathan Hare explains why it is a crucial fact for us all, then sets two challenges; one asking you to think light and its impact on the world, the second to build a device to ‘see’ your voice.

Have fun working your brain cells and getting your creative juices flowing!

Another challenge from the book will be released here early next week.


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