The second challenge from our celebratory 50 Challenges for 50 Years Anniversary Challenge Book comes from Tom Pellereau, Inventor and Winner of BBC’s The Apprentice in 2011. As a kid, Tom was regularly taking things apart to find out how they worked and making things with his Granddad and Mum. Tom credits his dyslexic mind as the source of his creative thinking, innovative thought process and drive. He loves solving problems, looking at things in a different way and discovering new inventions.


Challenge 2 is about Telepathic Texting

Would you like your phone to be able to understand your thoughts? Technology and artificial intelligence are improving so rapidly that within a few years it could be possible for your phone to understand and read your thoughts! Just think about the new voice-activated systems like Amazon Echo and Google Home… This challenge gets you thinking about new trans-human technologies that could make life easier and upgrade your abilities.


One challenge from the book will be released here every few days. Look out for the next one soon!

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